Corporate Profile

Corporate Philosophy

Northland Co., Ltd. contributes to society through ingenuity of process in environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Photo:Torque testing / Grip tape wrapping machine
Torque testing /
Grip tape wrapping machine
Photo:Grip inserting machine
Grip inserting machine

Management Policies

Quality Assurance and Reliability

Our quality assurance system is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of clients and the market in general. Our success with this system has gained our customers’ trust enabling further business development.

Improving Quality and Productivity

As a company, we are always looking to improve our daily operations and eradicate potential problems to achieve cost savings, improved delivery times, improved quality, prevention of accidents and elimination of waste. We contribute to society and our clients through efficient manufacturing.

Improving Service and Personal Relationships

At all times in our daily work processes and when handling client orders, we maintain a “users” perspective in order to improve service to clients and establish the ideal sales and service system. Each employee is aware of their responsibility to provide a high level of quality consciousness and business ethics as well as to establish a vital and positive relationship as part of a coordinated company team.

R&D Program to Develop
New Technologies and Products

We continually monitor market trends and changes in the business environment by investing in market and technology research. We focus our best efforts on R&D and business improvement to maintain our unrivaled superiority in technology and continually refine and reshape our manufacturing and management skills to grow our business.

Development of Human Resources

Of all of our business assets, we value our people as the most important. We continually strive to employ the best people and to invest in and develop our existing employees through every educational opportunity.

丹羽 新吾 Shingo Niwa Representative Director